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 "My wife Jennifer and I have been in practice together for 16 years, and we've always done a lot of myofascial work with our patients. We were looking for an instrument assisted connective tissue technique to complement chiropractic care, improve our patient results, and reduce the fatigue on our hands."

"After evaluating various other courses, we decided to take the ConnecTX Therapy training because it was developed at NYCC, and we knew it was researched based. We both agree that ConnecTX is one of the best post-graduate training programs we have ever attended. We felt completing the online training modules prepared us well for the hands-on portion of the course."

"At the weekend hands-on training, the level of personal instruction, supervision, and actual time spent performing the techniques exceeded our expectations. We look forward to using the technique with our patients and in our work with athletes. We would absolutely recommend the ConnecTX Therapy training to our chiropractic colleagues."

  Aaron Peters, DC, Advanced Chiropractic of DuBois, PA                                                                                                                Jennifer Peters, DC, Advanced Chiropractic of DuBois, PA

“In the two weeks I have been using this, I have been able to get some chronic patients to be asymptomatic. In fact, two migraine patients on whom I’ve used the instrument on the sub occipital musculature have not had any migraine pain since the use of the technique.”

“The viscosity of the emollient is impressive. No friction between the instrument and the skin affords a keen sensitivity over trigger points and tissue adhesions."

“I’ve used Graston, but find ConnecTX to be a better instrument and much more affordable."

This is a superior tool that can help any chiropractor deal with any soft tissue injury. It’s a fabulous adjunct to manipulation.”

Vincent Zara, DC, CCSP, Sports Chiropractor, Floral Park, NY

“Second to the adjustment, ConnecTX is the best thing you can have in your ‘tool’ box.”

“I’ve worked with just about every soft-tissue instrument. ConnecTX is the first to combine optimal design, sound treatment protocols, and evolving research."

- Rick Rosa, DC, CCSP, DAAPM, Temple Hills, MD

 "The seminar was extremely helpful; the new knowledge and technique it gave me are invaluable. My practice has definitely improved."

Franca Piperni, DC

 "This is a great technique of low amplitude / low velocity. This is our core course now."

HanSuk Jung, DC, PhD, CCSP, FCBP, Head Department of Chiropractic, Hanseo University

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“Second to the adjustment, ConnecTX is the best thing you can have in your ‘tool’ box.”

- Rick Rosa, DC, CCSP, DAAPM, Temple Hills, MD

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