The only evidence-based, research-reflective IASTM system.



Initial and ongoing training offered by skilled, experienced ConnecTX practitioners.


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ConnecTX – Evidence Based. Research Reflective. Outcome Proven.

ConnecTX is truly unique – the only instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) system utilizing evidence-based, research-reflective data to achieve continuous clinical improvement via NIH’s PROMIS® (National Institute of Health's Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System). Every ConnecTX clinician completes extensive training, and contributes research to advance and optimize techniques and outcomes. Through gaining expertise in the ConnecTX system, practitioners expand their effective therapies and advance the practical science of the chiropractic profession. Explore the greater possibilities now.

The Instrument

One state-of-the-art device for multiple protocols, the ConnecTX instrument’s double-beveled edges comfortably fit the varied tissues shapes and curves of the body. For clinicians, optimal positioning and flexibility is assured.
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For Practitioners

Improved clinical outcomes. Decreased practitioner fatigue. Highly effective, proven protocols for a broad range of connective tissue disorders. The only truly integrated synergistic solution for instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM).
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For Patients

You want relief from connective-tissue disorders and pain. The ConnecTX system can speed pain reduction and healing as part of an overall treatment plan.
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"The seminar was extremely helpful; the new knowledge and technique it gave me are invaluable. My practice has definitely improved."

Franca Piperni, DC

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