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ConnecTX therapy is comprised of three components – therapy, instrument and emollient


ConnecTX therapy protocols reflect meticulous contributions of time and energy by academicians and clinical experts in the fields of soft-tissue physiology and pathology.

  • Extensive study of peer-reviewed literature on instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) and other soft tissue techniques as part of protocol development
  • Informed recommendations thoroughly researched and reviewed prior to inclusion in therapy
  • Precise, proven maneuvers executed with the ConnecTX instrument represent a synthesis of literature-based evidence combined with extensive clinical experience
  • ConnecTX certified practitioners provide clinical data research to monitor, and document effectiveness and assist in ongoing development of protocols


  • The ConnecTX instrument’s double-beveled, convex and concave, long- and short-radius surfaces comfortably fit various tissue shapes and curves of the body
  • Shape provides clinicians with optimal positioning for examination and treatment
  • Ergonomic design and brushed, nonslip surface is less fatiguing to clinician's hands and provides improved kinesthetic feedback for treatment application


  • ConnecTX Therapy emollient is a proprietary blend specially formulated to work with the ConnecTX instrument
  • Provides a smooth, friction-appropriate interface between patient’s skin and instrument
  • Each sample clinically tested for glide and cushion properties
  • Optimal skin-absorption rates, lubrication factors, and subtle fragrance created by a team of chiropractic clinicians and academicians who worked closely with a skilled chemist
  • In combination with the ConnecTX instrument, delivers an optimal therapeutic experience for patient and clinician
  • Material Safety Data Sheet is available upon request

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“Second to the adjustment, ConnecTX is the best thing you can have in your ‘tool’ box.”

- Rick Rosa, DC, CCSP, DAAPM, Temple Hills, MD

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