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Frequently Asked Questions and Informed Answers

Questions and Answers for Practitioners

What is the difference between ConnecTX and other soft tissue instrument techniques?

ConnecTX is classified as an instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization therapy. The similarities between all instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization therapies are that they utilize an instrument (or tool) to leverage a therapeutic maneuver to a specific tissue. Unlike ConnecTX, most other instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization techniques do not have a specific set of clinical protocols. ConnecTX protocols are based on the scientific literature and follow the best practices in clinical therapeutics. ConnecTX is the only instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization technique that incorporates clinical data from its trained users to drive changes in its clinical protocols. The ConnecTX protocols are always evolving and always improving.

What makes ConnecTX evidenced based?

The ConnecTX clinical protocols originated from the scientific literature on the physiology, pathology, and treatment of connective tissues. Therefore, from the start, ConnecTX therapy represents the best practices in the use of instrument assisted treatment of connective tissue disorders. As clinicians utilize ConnecTX therapy in their practices, a very simple data collection method is used to gather clinical outcomes. These outcomes are analyzed and, at regular intervals, the ConnecTX Evidence Assessment Committee evaluates this new evidence and decides if and how the ConnecTX protocols need to be improved. This information is then communicated to certified practitioners.

What is the ConnecTX Evidence Assessment Committee?

It is a committee formed from chiropractic clinicians trained in ConnecTX therapy, academicians, and scientists. About half of the committee are appointed members based on their scientific knowledge and chiropractic practice experience. The other members have term appointments. If you are trained in ConnecTX and would like to serve on the ConnecTX Evidence Assessment Committee, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Can I use regular lotion or lanolin as an emollient instead of ConnecTX emollient?

The ConnecTX emollient was made specifically to be used with the ConnecTX instrument. A team of ConnecTX clinicians worked closely with a chemist to create a formula delivering the exact amount of lubricant with ideal skin absorption to produce a synergy between the instrument and the emollient. Regular lotions or lanolin absorb too quickly to provide an effective treatment time. Non-ConnecTX emollients and lotions have a variable coefficient of friction related to their absorption rates so that they start out super slippery and within a matter of seconds become sticky as they are absorbed. To insure that ConnecTX remains a best practice and can be improved upon effectively, ConnecTX emollient should be used in conjunction with the ConnecTX instrument and protocol.

Can I use another brand of instrument with the ConnecTX therapy?

The ConnecTX instrument was specifically designed to be used with the ConnecTX emollient and protocols. To insure that ConnecTX is an evidenced based connective tissue therapy, only the ConnecTX instrument should be used with the ConnecTX protocols.

Why does ConnecTX only have one instrument where as other soft tissue immobilization techniques have many?

The ConnecTX instrument was uniquely designed so that its multiple treatment surfaces and double beveled edges incorporate the designs of other instruments and fit the contours of the body and practitioner’s hand. Although not required, a ConnecTX mini is available for those practitioners desiring a smaller instrument.

Is ConnecTX therapy training only available to chiropractors?

Yes, ConnecTX was created by chiropractors for the chiropractic profession. The ConnecTX protocols were created specifically to be used within the practice of chiropractic.

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“In the two weeks I have been using this, I have been able to get some chronic patients to be asymptomatic. In fact, two migraine patients on whom I’ve used the instrument on the sub occipital musculature have not had any migraine pain since the use of the technique.”

Vincent Zara, DC, CCSP, Sports Chiropractor, Floral Park, NY

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