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The Specialized Soft Tissue Instrument used in ConnecTX Therapy is Granted a U.S. Patent

Seneca Falls:  The instrument used in ConnecTX Therapy, an instrument-assisted connective tissue therapy program has been granted U.S. Pat. No. 9,023,078 for the device’s unique state-of-the-art double-beveled edges, and brushed, nonslip surface. The instrument’s  four distinct treatment edges correspond to different contours of the body allowing the chiropractor a cost effective alternative to soft tissue mobilization techniques that require multiple tools. The patented design provides clinicians with optimal surfaces for examination and treatment applications while providing excellent kinesthetic feedback.  The single instrument is used in conjunction with the ConnecTX protocols that reflect meticulous contributions of time and energy by academicians and clinical experts in the fields of soft-tissue physiology and pathology. Trained practitioners participate in time-efficient clinical data collection through Patient-Centered Outcome Research (PCOR) methods to constantly improve the protocols and provide practitioners with the most up-to-date clinical applications on an ongoing basis. ConnecTX was created by chiropractic clinicians and academicians sharing a vision of producing a patient centered and evidenced based technique that could evolve with the latest research.

ConnecTX provides chiropractors with a means to break up fibrous adhesions, trigger points, and scar tissue and massage damaged tissues in order to restore healthy function to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves affected by inflammation, injuries, and various traumas. The instrument, easily gripped in the practitioner’s hand, reducing fatigue, is designed to correspond to the contours of the body maximizing comfort and resulting in improved treatment outcomes for the patient.

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“In the two weeks I have been using this, I have been able to get some chronic patients to be asymptomatic. In fact, two migraine patients on whom I’ve used the instrument on the sub occipital musculature have not had any migraine pain since the use of the technique.”

Vincent Zara, DC, CCSP, Sports Chiropractor, Floral Park, NY

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