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ConnecTX Kit

ConnecTX products are coupled with the ConnecTX Therapy training. Only those Chiropractors or Chiropractic students who have completed the ConnecTX Therapy training are eligible to purchase the ConnecTX kit.  For more information on training in your area please visit the Registration Page.

ConnecTX Kit Includes:

  • ConnecTX Instrument
  • Online access to ConnecTX Fully Illustrated Technique Manuals
  • ConnecTX Emollient (2 oz.)
Affordably Priced at: $599.00
(student discounts may apply!)


ConnecTX offers continuing support to our certified clinicians.

  • You will have access to several in-depth training videos through our practitioner portal for future reference.
  • Dr. Hunter Mollin, DC, CCSP, FACC will be available to answer any clinical or technique related questions relative to ConnecTX Therapy.
  • ConnecTX will help to market your practice by listing your information on our website.


ConnecTX will change the dynamics of your practice!


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“I’ve worked with just about every soft-tissue instrument. ConnecTX is the first to combine optimal design, sound treatment protocols, and evolving research.

- Rick Rosa, DC, CCSP, DAAPM, Temple Hills, MD

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