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Education and Kit Package

Education and Kit Package
(available in participating states)


  • ConnecTX training (a total of 20 C.E. hours)
  • ConnecTX instrument
  • Online access to fully illustrated ConnecTX technique manuals
  • ConnecTX emollient (2 oz.)
  • Access to the ConnecTX practitioner's portal
  • Progressive access to over 95 2-3 minute training videos
  • Direct Access to the Lead Instructor, Dr. Hunter Mollin, D.C., for your ConnecTX questions




ConnecTX offers continuing support to our certified clinicians.

  • You will have access to several in-depth training videos through our practitioner portal for future reference.
  • Dr. Hunter Mollin, DC, CCSP, FACC will be available to answer any clinical or technique related questions relative to ConnecTX Therapy.
  • ConnecTX will help to market your practice by listing your information on our website.


ConnecTX will change the dynamics of your practice!



News and Views


“This is a superior tool that can help any chiropractor deal with any soft tissue injury. It’s a fabulous adjunct to manipulation.”

Vincent Zara, DC, CCSP, Sports Chiropractor, Floral Park, NY

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